Choral Music

A Song for St. Cecilia cantata setting the 1687 poem by John DrydenSATB w/ div Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone solilarge orch.pdf: full score, choral score, inst. parts40:00soundcloudfull video with score
A Song for St. Cecilia (reduced version)SATB w/ div. S, T, B, soliOrgan, Piano,  percussion (3 players)pdf: full score, choral score, inst. parts40:00mp3
3 Advent Preludes (choral settings of trad. Advent hymns)SATBa cap.Full Score pdf1:25 1:35 2:10
Ave Maria (harmonized setting of Gregorian chant melody)SATBa cap.Full Score pdf1:45Choral
Becoming God’s Friend
Text: Gregory of Nyssa
SATBa cap.Full Score pdf2:00mp4YouTube
Come Lie With Me and Be My Love text: Lawrence FerlinghettiSATBa cap.2:10

Dance StepsSATB w/ div.a cap.Full Score pdf6:00wavSacred & Profane
GloriaSSATBBa cap. w/ alto and baritone soliFull score pdf4:30
Glory to God for all things Text: Metropolitan Tryphon of TurkestanSATB w/ divpianoFull Score pdf


Hodie, Christus natus estSATB
Full Score pdf3:00
I will greatly rejoice in the Lord  text: Isaiah 61: 10-11SATBa cap.Full Score pdf2:00
Invitation to a Voyage text: Charles Baudelaire as translated by Edna St. Vincent MillaySSATBBa cap.Full Score7:00midivideo w/ images
O AdonaiSATBa cap.Full Score0:50midi
O magnum mysteriumSATBa cap.Full Score pdf2:05midi
O sacrum conviviumSATBa cap.Full Score pdf2:30
Of the Fathers Love BegottenSATBa cap.Full Score pdf5:00
Peace on Earth  text: Conrad Ferdinand Meyer as translated by Lynne MorrowSSATBa cap.Full Score pdf5:30video w/ images
Peace Within text: Teresa of ÁvilaSATBa cap.Full Score pdf1:45
Santo, Santo (setting of trad. El Salvador Sanctus)SATBa cap. or w/ opt. percussionFull Score pdf3:00midi
Songs of IsaiahSATBstrings and harpAvailable from
17:00mp3Consort prefer. and BCG with score
The Harmony of That Motion
text: Gregory of Nyssa
SATBa cap.pdf1:45

There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy choral arr. of hymn SATBa cap.Full Score pdf2:00midi
They have taken away my Lord text: Janet MorleySSAAtrumpet horn trombone7:30
video w/ images
Water: Making Everything New
text: Paula Gunn Allen
SSAATTBBa cap. Full Score pdf11:00midi
Your Steadfast Love
psalm 36
SATB a cap.Full Score pdf1:50midi

Choral Arrangements

As Time Goes BySATBopt. glockenspielFull Score pdf3:00midi
Faure Requiem KyrieSATB w. div.
Fly me to the MoonSATBtenor solopdf2:30
Girls of the Old West medley of Oh Suzanna, I Dream of Jeanie, and Sweet Betsy from PikeSATB w. div.a cap. 

San Francisco (Open Your Golden Gate)SATB w/ divpiano3:00

Shadow of your SMILESSATBBa cap.Full Score pdf4:20mp3
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)SATBpianoFull Score pdf3:30
White ChristmasATBBa cap.Full Score pdf4:10mp3
video with Chanticleer

Solo Songs

Elmwood Perspectives poems by Mary Childtenor or sopranopiano 7:00
Gertrude and Alice: Scenes from a shared life (hybrid opera/song cycle) Text: Brad
solo soprano and altochamber orchestra30:00
God’s Grandeur text: Gerard Manley HopkinsMezzo soprano orchestra7:15
July 1968 poem by Denise LevertovMezzo piano

Her Spice Shelf text: Susan Kinsolvingsoprano pianoFull Score pdf
Pattern Like a Dance text: Anne Morrow Lindbergtenorflute violin cello or piano

Praise to the Spinner: Three Hymns on Thomas Troegersoprano or tenorpiano

Piano Solo

Accolade and Elegy
Reverie from Fabric of Peace
piano3:00Full Score pdfmp3
The Old Mirror in  the Attic
Three Little San Francisco Waltzes

Instrumental Ensembles

Froth: Variations for flute and pianoflutepiano6:20Full Score pdfmp3video with score
Invitation to a Voyage arr. for woodwind sextet
2 flutes 2 clarinets 2 bassoons7:00pdf full score and parts
Sonata for Cello ond Pianocellopiano

Tocatta for Organ